The slideshow show you some of our successful rescues and few of our unforgettable souls after loosing the fight against the diseases.

Fundraising is an essential element of Europe4strays's position in providing help and raising awareness for the stray dogs of Europe as it allows us to directly support those whose needs are most urgent. 


Our aim is to provide support to the critically injured or sick along with ensuring transport to a safe haven is available. 




Thank You from E4S TEAM.

You can make a donation by credit card on our online fundraising.

To make a donation trough an international money transfer, IBAN will be provided upon request. Contact us.

We also appreciate receiving parcels of gifts such as: blankets, beds for dogs, treats, toys and puppy supplies.

Romania is one of the poorest country within Europe, the average salary is 300€ per month, some of our local rescuers do not have a job or regular income, clothing and shoes are the least of their concerns and we would therefore like to help provide practical items as an appreciation for their dedication to helping the strays of their country. If you have any items that you could donate to a rescuer please get in touch with us to find out how to forward your care packages.



One of the best ways to make a difference for these unlucky dogs is to offer some of your time and love.
Before you do any volunteering, you need to prepare yourself to work hard, devote your time, and potentially deal with animals that are ill or abused. 
Your mission as a volunteer will include the following tasks: Cleaning the kennels, feeding, painting, grooming, walking, playing, petting...
Also by photographing them during your stay in Romania and then promoting the dogs on your personal social media pages would greatly improve their chance of finding adopters.
You must be over the age of 21. Transport, accommodation and all additional expenses are payable by you including personal insurance cover.
Transport can be arranged by our Team. 
For details please contact us through our social networks pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or send a message via our Contact Us page.