Rescued dogs from Public shelter Golesti - Focsani -Romania

Our first two survivors of this emergency appeal Aramis and Fleur have left Romania for good to their forever home in UK. This picture is the achievement of a great Teamwork headed by Europe4strays. They are here in their adopters arms, our friend Lyn Sawkins.

January 9th-February 15th   2017

13 dogs which 3 are sick and 4 died. Veterinary bills attached to this page. Fundraising is going on to cover veterinary bills, food, transport and prepping procedures such as microchipping and passports.


The first emergency appeal of 2017 concerns the public shelter of the Romanian city of Focsani, Golesti.

On the 7th of January we have been alerted that more than 90 dogs were left to die in the freezing cold in Golesti ps(temperatures were minus 20 degrees). No wood houses no straw no food! 20 of them have died.

Please meet our rescued dogs and help them to fight against the diseases.

Aramis, Grace, Allegra, Nessy, Elsa, Bianco, Alex, Lukas and Samba.

A massive thank you to our local team of volunteers and rescuers: Cristina, Mirela, Iulia.

Huge thank you also to the sponsor and rescuers at distance Liane (Germany) Yvonne (UK) Barbara (Germany) Anja (Switzerland) Lyn (UK)

Appealing conditions for the poor dogs of Golesti. 07/01/2017

These are our rescued pups Aramis, Fleur and Grace. Domino lost her fight against parvovirus. 

Bianco is around 7/8yrs as you can see he has a bad injury on left side of his face. The veterinary said is an old injury... that doesn't seem to hurt him anymore. Maybe he was born with a malformation or maybe he has been hit by someone. He had all the tests and Bianco is not sick but he is blind on his left eye this makes him scared of unknown people. He needed intravenous vitamines and antibiotics to avoid infection after being in Golesti public shelter..

The last rescued dogs by our team from Golesti are Sparks, Rio and Glory.They have been transferred immediately to Brasov and they are now cared by K2 veterinary clinic.

Samba has distemper.

This is a tribute to the wonderful volunteers of Focsani.

Nessy was dying at the public shelter. She has been rescued on the 16th of January. She has been infected by distemper.

Nessy is positive to distemper. Vet bills are attached to her album. She is actually in a clinic in Bucharest.

Sparks, Rio, Glory.

Alex passed away on 4th of February

Allegra is up for adoption

Alex and Lukas died of  parvovirus.