Update 01/07/2016


Since January 2016 more than 300 dogs have been rescued from the killing public shelter of Barlad, a small town located 120 km south of Iasi. On june 3rd during our tour in Romania, our team went to meet Ana the founder of Last Hope to Life.

Ana and her NGO are doing an excellent work and really making the difference for a better future in the life of the Barlad strays. The new private shelter stands on a 15.000sq.m up on a hill surrounded by a peaceful landscape. The project will include 2 kennel areas, which one has been achieved and already accomodating 300 dogs and a playground is under construction to socialize the dogs in order to get them fit for adoption. 

The kennels are provided with roof to protect the dogs from snow, rain and sun, they have concrete floor to make easier the daily cleaning and each one of them has its own plastic basket or for the sponsored ones a wood house. The shelter is kept by a paid guardian 24h.

The shelter needs water connection and a water drill project is about to be launched in order to avoid the tedious work of a manual carrying, but funds are needed.

Europe4strays intends to cooperate tightly with Last hope to life and in order to help them to achieve all these projects we are raising funds. 

Enjoy our videos taken during our visit and give a look to the pictures of the beautiful dogs for adoption, contact us if interested by one of them. 

We were particualrly thrilled to meet Skye, our sponsored dog which is improving but not ready yet for adoption. Although he is still traumatised by the unhuman method of catching employed by the dogcatcher we are very confident for his future.  

We were very pleased to meet the orphans of Barlad that every saturday volunteer at the shelter feeding, cleaning and playing with the dogs.

All the dogs are looking for families or adoption at distance. Any financial support for the dogs of Barlad public shelter is welcome, you can make a donation on EUROPE4STRAYS online fundraising and by paypal: quote Barlad Rescue.

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Skye rescued from Barlad killing public shelter.

This is Skye, he has been brutally dragged by a dogcatcher witnessed by the local rescuers facing so much cruelty powerless. Skye is now out of danger and we are paying for his needs; food, veterinary care, sponsorship etc. He is very traumatized nobody is able to approach him yet.

Last Hope to Life private shelter in Barlad

UPDATE 01/04/2016

The dogs that were on death row are actually start being transferred to the rented warehouse (in the pics you can see how everybody is working hard). This place is a temporary solution and it is rented for 3 months the time needed to build new shelters. "Last hope to life" the local NGO is getting all the dogs spayed/neutered before transfer. Europe4strays donate the funds to cover the first month of rent and buy some straw.

The temporary shelter has been filled with more than 100 dogs. Monday the local rescuers will pull out the remaining dogs from the killing public shelter.

The 2nd of march 2016 the romanian reporter Daniel Nicolaina exposed the terrible conditions of  the captured strays at the public shelter of Barlad. Dog corpses lying among living dogs, a mixture of food and waste, including urine and excrement, on the floor of the dog cages, and residue able to leak between cages, a very heart breaking situation.

We hope we will be able to save all the dogs still at the public shelter and in big danger.

Works have begun to build the new private refuge on Wednesday the 3rd of march 2016-BARLAD

Funds are needed to help the local NGO Last Hope to Life to achieve this project for 200 dogs.

UPDATE 20/03/2016

We are so please to announce that 3 kennels have been achieved and the first dogs have been moved to the new private shelter.

Please note that some scenes may contain images that may offend the sensibilities of viewers. 

January 2016

There is an emergency going on in the city of Barlad-Romania where 160 dogs have been thrown into a death camp with temperatures below 20 degrees with nothing to protect them from the freezing cold. They sleep in the snow...they get food from the few local volunteers but only when the public shelter staff allow them to get in ... otherwise no food and no water for these poor souls.
80 dogs are on death row, this means that 80 dogs have reached the time limit and they didn't get adopted ..so they will be euthanised! (We all know Romanian methods of euthanising dogs unfortunately!)
We have been protesting and asking for a time delay to the Mayor of Barlad in order for us to find a solution for at least 80 of the dogs. We need two more months to build new kennels at Laika2. The weather conditions do not allow at the moment the work to be completed any faster. However, the mayor does not want to wait 2 more months and a few days ago he informed us that the dogs were going to be killed! The media have been contacted as well as UK authorities in Romania to stop the killing. In the meanwhile a warehouse, to rent for 3 months, has been found by the local rescuers as a temporary solution. The dogs can be transferred by Monday January 25th 2016. To achieve this rescue we need funds to pay the rent (230€ per month), fences to secure the perimeter, straw to keep their paws warm, food and cover transport costs to transfer 160 dogs.

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